MAP Announcements


  • RIA Curriculum on Amazon 

    The ‘Responsibilities in Action’ (RIA) MAP curriculum is now available on Amazon at $6.96 per bound copy. While it is not required that a hard copy be provided, a Service Provider or student that prefers a hard copy of the MAP Curriculum or if one is needed for a MAP Registered site it can be purchased through this link. The option also remains to download the PDF curriculum or have the curriculum printed by a printing service.

    All costs are for printing. No money is collected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for any purchases. 

  • The site launched Jan 6, 2021!

  • All students and current MAP Trainers should now be working on this new site
  • User names and passwords transferred from If you have trouble with your user name or password, please try the "Forgotten your username or password?" link on the login screen.