MAP Announcements

DDS Service Providers Seeking MAP Certified Staff

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DDS service providers are experiencing a severe shortage of MAP Certified staff to administer medications. If you are a MAP Certified person or licensed nurse, you can help with this urgent need by covering medication administration times in programs. You can select the site and when you are available. 

Extension of DPH MAP COVID-19 Policy Flexibilities

Effective 6/16/2021, The Department of Public Health’s Drug Control Program is providing a 90-day extension for the DPH issued MAP COVID-19 policy flexibilities.   

The applicable notices can be found at Medication Administration Program (MAP) Recent News |, and relate to the MAP COVID-19 flexibilities that have been extended 90 days to September 15, 2021

 If you have any questions, please contact your MAP Coordinator.


  • RIA Curriculum on Amazon 

    The ‘Responsibilities in Action’ (RIA) MAP curriculum is now available on Amazon at $6.96 per bound copy. While it is not required that a hard copy be provided, a Service Provider or student that prefers a hard copy of the MAP Curriculum or if one is needed for a MAP Registered site it can be purchased through this link. The option also remains to download the PDF curriculum or have the curriculum printed by a printing service.

    All costs are for printing. No money is collected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for any purchases. 

This site launched Jan 6, 2021!

  • All students and current MAP Trainers should now be working on this new site
  • User names and passwords transferred from If you have trouble with your user name or password, please try the "Forgotten your username or password?" link on the login screen.