How do I register for the online MAP Certification Course?
All students are registered through a MAP Trainer. Please contact your Service Provider for assistance.

How long does the course take?
Students should be prepared to spend at least 14 to 16 hours completing this course. 

What materials do I need for this course?
Link to Resource Packet

Students need a resource packet for this course. Typically MAP Trainers and/or a Service Provider representative are responsible for ordering this; however, students may be directed to order a resource packet themselves. Please see your MAP Trainer.

In lieu of ordering a resource packet from LTPS, Trainers and/or a Service Provider may assemble their own Resource Packets using the hyperlink above to download, print and assemble a Resource Packet for each staff. Please note: Training blister packs must be provided for students who are taking the online course; images of blister packs may not be used in the training

Students also need access to the RIA Curriculum and the Moodle student user manual. Both are here

Who is my MAP Trainer?
Your Service Provider can provide this information.

Is this training online or in-person?
This is a hybrid training. Students move through the units at their own pace but check in periodically with their MAP Trainer for questions and support. Skill checks and pretests are completed online or through live, virtual sessions at the MAP Trainer's discretion. 

How long do I have to complete this course?
Two weeks. Please talk with your MAP Trainer if you need an extension.

I'm registered for the course but I never received my user name and password
Please check your spam folder. If you don't have the email with your log in details, contact for help.

I logged into the course before, but now I don't know my user name or password
If you ever logged into the old course on, that same user name and password will work here too. If you have ever logged into the course here on, you can use this link to reset your user name or password

If you have never logged in and need a new temporary password sent to you, contact

I'm having technical trouble with the course. Who can I contact?
Your MAP Trainer is a good support resource. You can also email for assistance. CDDER support hours are M-F, 8am - 4pm. 

How do I start the course?
The course starts twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. On your course start date, click on the "Online MAP Certification Course" box on the homepage. You will have to login to see the course.

I'm a MAP Trainer. How do I register a student? 
You can find the course registration form and more details here

Where do I find course resources and materials for MAP Trainers?
Please see the MAP Trainer resource page

I'm a MAP Trainer and I have questions about course timelines, grading, and registration. 
Please see the FAQs designed specifically for MAP Trainers! These are updated monthly. This requires a MAP Trainer log-in to view.

I need help with TestMaster Universe
review the TMU Student Tutorials found at testmaster-universe-students.  If you still have questions contact your MAP Trainer.  If you are a MAP Trainer and need help, contact D&S DT 888-734-6211 and ask for a Massachusetts team member to assist you.