Test Packet

Test Packets are for the Certification Medication Administration Test that is offered by D&S DT through the TMU website. 

The Test Packet is intended to be used repeatedly until the:

  • Count sheet page spaces are filled with entries; or
  • there are not enough tablets ('tic tacs') in a blister pack to equal a dose ordered

How to Order a Test Packet:

Before proceeding with your order, please make sure you are ordering the right type of packet for your needs. Are you looking for a Resource Packet instead? Resource Packets are a required resource for each student who is taking the Online MAP Responsibilities in Action (RIA) Course. Please see information here for ordering Resource Packets.

Test Packets can be ordered, at cost, through CDDER/UMass Chan Medical School. Shipping is included! Orders are completed via credit card payment only through this online portal.  

Please contact CDDER@umassmed.edu with questions or issues with packet orders.

Print Your Own Test Packet:

Service Providers may choose to assemble their own Test Packet using the hyperlinks below to download, print and assemble the materials for the Certification Medication Administration Test.

Please note: Actual blister packs with contents in the blisters must be provided for students who are taking the test; images of blister packs or empty blister packs may not be used for testing.