In this webinar, Gina Hunt, DDS MAP Coordinator reviews the following topics:

  • MAP Certification training requirements
  • Online MAP Certification pre-course preparation
  • Facilitation tips
  • Post-course responsibilities
  • Resources to help navigate D&S DT

As of February 1, 2023, DPH issued a MAP Advisory that removed the transcription requirement from the Certification and Recertification test processes. The Advisory, related amended policies, and a new policy are located here download ( As a result, regarding Certification training, the Unit 6 Skill Check Transcription Assignment replaces the Transcription Pretest. For more information, you will be given access to the Required MAP Trainer webinars upon successful completion of the TTT program.

In the following MAP Trainer Basics Webinar, disregard references to the transcription pretest and references to the Certification and Recertification transcription test component.

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