MAP Flexibilities Extensions - Dec 2021

As of 12/2/2021, there have been updates to certain Medication Administration Program (MAP) COVID-19 flexibilities.

Current flexibilities have been slated to end on December 31, 2021. An additional extension has been added to June 30, 2022. All updates affect the following:

  • Insulin Pen Administration by MAP Certified Staff via Telehealth
  • Leave of Absence Medication Supply Expansion
  • Rescue Inhalers, Epinephrine Auto-Injectors and Oxygen in Community Programs
  • Reinstatement of Expired/Lapsed MAP Certifications

Please see the website under the Student and Trainer Resources section for additional information.

Auditing the Online MAP Certification Course - Sept 2021

As of 10/1/2021, staff that want to audit the online MAP Certification course may do so with their employer's MAP Trainer. Auditing staff should be listed on the MAP Certification Course roster with other students and have the 'Auditing' box next to their name checked. Download the new course registration template or visit the MAP Mass website.

MAP COVID-19 Flexibilities - Extensions and Waivers - Sept 2021

As of 9/15/2021, there have been updates to certain Medication Administration Program (MAP) COVID-19 flexibilities.

Please see the website under the Student and Trainer Resources section.

New Study Guide Available on MAP Mass for Students and Trainers - Aug 2021

The RIA Curriculum Study Guide is now available and posted to the MAP Mass site!

After you have completed your MAP Certification Training, use this Study Guide as you prepare for your Certification Knowledge Test. This Study Guide does not replace the Responsibilities in Action (RIA) curriculum; if there is a topic listed in this Study Guide that you do not fully understand, please use the referenced page number(s) to read more about the topic in RIA. 

View the guide on under the Student and Trainer Resources section.

New Map Trainer Basics Webinar Available - Feb 2021

We are pleased to announce a new training resource for MAP Trainers. Gina Hunt, DDS MAP Coordinator, prepared a recorded webinar about the MAP Certification course that reviews the following topics:

  • MAP Certification training requirements
  • Online MAP Certification pre-course preparation
  • Facilitation tips
  • Post-course responsibilities
  • Resources to help navigate the state contracted test vendor website, D&S Diversified Technologies

The recorded webinar and slide deck are available on under "MAP Trainer Resources.

New MAP Certification 'Test Packet' for Medication Administration Demonstration - Feb 2021

DDS, DMH, MRC, and DCF have created a Test Packet to be used for MAP Certification testing purposes only as of April 1, 2021. If you are responsible for proctoring tests of arranging testing for your agency, please check with your Executive Director to obtain the complimentary test packet provided for each agency.  

Test Packets can also be printed from the MAP website at or to add to the corresponding blister packets available from your own pharmacy of MAP Trainer. 

Additional Test Packets can be purchased by Service Providers from Long Term Pharmacy Solutions (LTPS) at a cost of $15 per multiuse Test Packet.

TMU Announcement for MAP Trainers - Feb 2021

D&S has updated present tutorials and created new tutorials for using TestMaster Universe (TMU).

These tutorials are on the Massachusetts site and also on under "D&S Diversified Technologies" in MAP Training Resources and Support and the Massachusetts MAP Testing and Registry.

DDS Service Providers Seeking MAP Certified Staff

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DDS service providers are experiencing a severe shortage of MAP Certified staff to administer medications. If you are a MAP Certified person or licensed nurse, you can help with this urgent need by covering medication administration times in programs. You can select the site and when you are available. 

Extension of DPH MAP COVID-19 Policy Flexibilities

Effective 6/16/2021, The Department of Public Health’s Drug Control Program is providing a 90-day extension for the DPH issued MAP COVID-19 policy flexibilities.   

The applicable notices can be found at Medication Administration Program (MAP) Recent News |, and relate to the MAP COVID-19 flexibilities that have been extended 90 days to September 15, 2021

 If you have any questions, please contact your MAP Coordinator.


  • RIA Curriculum on Amazon 

    The ‘Responsibilities in Action’ (RIA) MAP curriculum is now available on Amazon at $6.96 per bound copy. While it is not required that a hard copy be provided, a Service Provider or student that prefers a hard copy of the MAP Curriculum or if one is needed for a MAP Registered site it can be purchased through this link. The option also remains to download the PDF curriculum or have the curriculum printed by a printing service.

    All costs are for printing. No money is collected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for any purchases. 

This site launched Jan 6, 2021!

  • All students and current MAP Trainers should now be working on this new site
  • User names and passwords transferred from If you have trouble with your user name or password, please try the "Forgotten your username or password?" link on the login screen.